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shinjukueki's Journal



My name is Patricia or maybe I should write it's just English version of my name ;p Because in Polish it is 'Patrycja' but I know it's hard to say XD So feel free to use my English name or you can even think about giving me a nickname ^^ Anyway, I was born in 14 march 1992, so I'm almost 18. God, time passes so quickly XD
I'm a shortie. I'm only about 5'1''. People say I'm asian freak and probably that's true :3 I've been learning Japanese for almost 3 years and I hope to start learning Korean one day, because it's such a beautiful language. I enjoy watching asian dramas, movies, tv shows, listening to music etc. I love shopping and fashion.

Shinjuku Station

It's my graphic journal. You can find here mostly icons of asian movies, bands etc, but I will make also wallpapers, headers, banners and anything you want me to make ;p Feel free to add me to your friends' list! It doesn't matter if you take my work and use it outside livejournal, but please, CREDIT. I saw some people using my graphics on last.fm without letting me know about this. Probably it's not important for you if you comment, credit or not, but for me it's like expressing a little bit of gratitude for my work. And...comments make me happy~

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